Irregular Verbs

In the English language, there are over two hundred irregular verbs, words that form the past and past participle in some way other than adding -ed to the base verb). When you look up a word in the dictionary, you search for the present or base form. Immediately following the word, you will see the spelling for the past and past participle. For example, if you look up speak, you will see the the past is spoke and the past participle is spoken. I have listed several irregular verbs in the table below. This will give  you some indication of the variety of endings you may encounter when using irregular verbs.

Present Past Past participle
 begin began begun
 burst  burst burst
 buy bought bought
 come  came come
 do did done
 fly flew flown
 give gave given
 go went gone
 hear  heard heard
 know knew known
 keep kept kept
 lay (put) laid laid
 lie (recline)  lay lain
 ring rang rung
 say said said
 see saw seen
 set (place) set set
 sit (be seated) sat sat
 take took taken
 teach taught taught

When you use the past participle form as a main verb, you must use a helping verb with it.


We are done.

They have gone.

Joe has taken his time getting here.

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